Common Law copyright

Urbex Paradise began its explorations in 2002 thanks to enthusiasts of Urbex.


Urbex Paradise benefits from "Common law copyright". Books and photos are already exploited under the name "Urbex Paradise". as such, it is therefore forbidden to copy the name "Urbex Paradise" which is protected by copyright since the creation of the logo, the photos and the book. You cannot create confusing accounts with exactly this name. Thank you.


Read : Common Law Copyright (Wikipedia).


The Urbex Paradise team

Who are we ?

A collective of passionate witnesses to the past

Born from a personal project, Urbex Paradise is above all the fruit of meetings with other photography enthusiasts. Our approach is mainly artistic and sharing.


Thus, our skills are both linked to the fields of image and to professional careers in the world of cinema, media, communication, culture, tourism or events ...


We hope above all to share with you our adventures ...

When Urbex rhymes with flint ...


Who as a child has never explored a corner of his house, a piece of vacant land, an unusual alley? And even sometimes, already, a cavity, a ruin or even a tunnel as scary as it is exciting?


Exploration, whether urban or rural, is neither new nor exclusively reserved for initiates. It is intrinsically linked to the DNA of human beings. Man has always explored.


Everyone can venture into unknown places. Out of a thirst for curiosity, for the adrenaline that this activity provides or simply for the passion for photography. Very often, walking and hiking combine perfectly with this practice which aims to be both outdoors and underground.


Even if there are some rules governing Urbex, the main rule is above all common sense: safety. You don't have to take all the risks in the world to the point of losing your life.


Practicing Urbex means being aware of the risks at all times. It is to be very lucid about one's own physical and mental capacities. Be in perfect harmony with its 360-degree environment. It means respecting the place explored and respecting your own personal limits.


Always take the time to watch, appreciate, savor ... The magic will be all the more beautiful ...


In order to guarantee the confidentiality of the premises, we do not communicate their contact details. Thank you for your understanding.